Sunday, October 26, 2008

Balkishan Jee Video

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Baba Ramdev Yog Shivir Video First time on the internet exclusivily on's first spiritual website

The aim of our website is to provide mental peace, freedom of expression & a vision to self-realization, to each & every web savvy youth. The motto "RELAX YOURSELF" Spiritualism, Yoga Science and The Art of Living is attracting millions of people every year. Many devotional communities are growing larger and are getting started at new locations. We are trying to make a single web platform for devotional communities, young individuals, and devotional / spiritual & lifestyle gurus. The target group of TOTALBHAKTI.COM are those Youth for whom spiritualism & prayer is a tool to relax themselves within their hectic metro lifestyle. Many of the stressed young wish to be de-stressed and lead a happy life, but have no time in hand. Our services include personal web page with latest audio/ video clippings for every renowned guru as well as space for their communities. There would also be Upcoming events information, audio section that would contain bhajans, music mantra & Aarti etc.
The star attraction of our wide range of services is a personal web page for every renowned Guru. The website will provide an option to the followers to directly access the web page of their Guru's. Moreover, the followers can directly upload personal video clips / photographs of/ with their Guru on the EXCLUSIVE web page For example, Video clips of a Guru's visit to a followers house, locality, community or business house etc. The right to control the Exclusive web page will be in the hands of devotional organizations / communities related to thier Guru within the design of TOTALBHAKTI.COM . We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most flexible and reliable website. You being a renowned Guru, with millions of followers all over, are requested to participate in this unique effort for "a better world". TOTALBHAKTI.COM will act as a tool to spread your knowledge and charisma, which will surely enrich the entire world. If you are interested in this proposal, please provide two hours latest video clip for Internet uses.